2014 Film

Plays with BON APPÉTIT

Brief Summary

Mark and Sarah are trapped, darkness is falling and the creature outside only attacks by night in this fast-paced Irish horror.

Full Description

Mark and Sarah are travelling into the Irish countryside on holiday. When Mark’s overconfident navigation turns them down a muddy road, they become stranded. Inside the closest house, Mark finds a disoriented farmer alone in the darkness and promises to get help. Bringing Sarah back with him, Mark unknowingly traps them once again.

After the farmer attacks Mark and jumps out the window of his own home, the two realize that the countryside isn’t exactly their cup of tea. However, this is just the beginning of their ordeal. As night approaches, they’re stuck in the unfamiliar house with an inexplicable lighting problem, and outside is a creature that revels in the dark.

FROM THE DARK is the latest film from Irish director Conor McMahon and it continues the trend of clever horror trickling out of that country. Here, he trades in the comedy of STITCHES for terror in an exercise in economic horror, by isolating the creature feature to an attack that takes place in one house over the course of a single night. Mark and Sarah are believably average people thrown into a relentlessly horrific situation, and they must struggle to survive. With light as their only weapon against the creature, McMahon continuously surprises with his creative situations, constantly taking salvation away from Mark and Sarah just when they need it most. With every shadow a threat and a long night ahead, get ready to enjoy watching two people go through sheer hell. (Brian Kelley)

Guests in Attendance

Conor McMahon (Director), Niamh Algar (Actress), Michael Lavelle (Cinematographer)