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2017 Film

Brief Summary

Our understandings of friendship, truth and celebrity are challenged when a heinous crime tests the complex relationship between a tenacious personal assistant (Lola Kirke) and her Hollywood starlet boss (Zoe Kravitz) in Aaron Katz's latest.

Full Description

The Los Angeles of GEMINI is beautiful. Bathed in the glow of fluorescent lights and the exquisiteness of Hollywood, it's the same beauty found in recent neo-noir entries like DRIVE and NIGHTCRAWLER, and what we experienced in classics like Mann's HEAT and Hill's THE DRIVER. The beauty isn't just a feast for our eyes, but the meat that GEMINI's narrative is built on. The intoxicating beauty of celebrity and the beautiful celebrities themselves are the focus of this whodunnit from Aaron Katz (LAND HO; COLD WEATHER).

Heather (Zoe Kravitz) is a movie star, but unhappy. She doesn't have a private life and she's stalked everywhere by fans and paparazzi. Her only anchor to reality is her personal assistant, Jill (Lola Kirke from MISTRESS AMERICA). When the two of them are involved in a dark crime at the end of act one, Katz's neo-noir intentions come fully into focus. Jill is both on the run and out to find the meaning behind the crime. Everyone's a suspect, every line is a clue and nothing is what it seems.

GEMINI may be a terrific noir in the most traditional sense of the genre, but it's also an incredibly smart examination of celebrity culture in LA. One oddity of this culture has always been the role of the personal assistant. Once you hit that level of success where you need a P.A., that person does nearly everything for you. The celebrity isn't just fully dependent on their P.A., but they can completely lose their own identity when they cede their ability to do anything — shopping, scheduling, driving, etc. Their identity morphs and bends into some strange combination of the two personalities.

Thankfully, Katz rightfully discovered this phenomenon is fertile ground for a noir narrative. GEMINI plays with this and gives us the most memorable mystery of the year. (James Emanuel Shapiro)