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2016 Film

Brief Summary

In the 1930s, country girl Sook-Hee is hired as a handmaiden to Japanese heiress Lady Hideko, who lives a secluded life with her uncle. However Sook-Hee is not what she seems... and neither is Lady Hideko, Count Fujiwara or Uncle Kouziki.

Full Description

From the twisted and brilliant mind of Chan-Wook Park comes this electrifying adaptation of the hit Sarah Walters novel.

In 1930’s Korea, Sook-Hee is hired and sent to Lady Hideko, a secluded Japanese young lady forced to live with her Uncle. Unbeknownst to anyone in the house, Sook-Lee is actually a pickpocket and has been recruited by Count Fujiwara to cheat Lady Hideko out of her inheritance. What no one accounted for are matters of the heart, which end up unravelling their lives, plans and more. One thing's for certain: someone will pay by the end, because someone always does in a con game…

Director Park’s new venture is a dazzling, brilliant journey into historical Korea, where a traditional con story get a new treatment. Pulling at both intellect and heartstrings, Park creates a brilliant and twisted world where falling in love is harder than any misdeed. Blessed by stellar performances from the leads, the film takes the audience on a merry-go-round of double, triple, and quadruple crosses, manic sequences and thrilling twists all imbued with a dazzling visual design and a to-die-for score, without ever sacrificing the emotional core of the novel.

It’s a testament to director Park’s talent that with each film his visual storytelling becomes more compelling, engaging and urgent. Anyone who takes the ride is bound to be talking about The Handmaiden long after the credits have stopped rolling! (Evrim Ersoy)