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2014 Film

Brief Summary

A powerful business executive wanders down a dark path in order to have the child she desperately needs in this shocking piece from the director of 2007’s unusual animation PRINCESS.

Full Description

After making his debut with the violent revenge tale PRINCESS in 2007, director Anders Morgenthaler is back with another tale sure to cause controversy.

Kim Basinger stars as Maria, a powerful business executive who’s been desperately trying to have a child despite a string of miscarriages. When a doctor informs her that she’s too old to carry a baby, Maria’s world disintegrates. Refusing to accept her fate, she sets out on a journey that will see her cross paths with a junkie and some very dangerous people, and lead her to an end she never would have expected.

Marking the comeback of Kim Bassinger, I AM HERE is provocative filmmaking from the man who shook our world with PRINCESS in 2007. Taking the same no-holds-barred approach as that visceral film, Morgenthaler challenges the audience’s perceptions of vulnerability, power and emotional disturbance by exploring the soul of a very damaged character who still may manage to achieve her dreams. Uncompromising to the highest degree, he populates the world with losers, con-men and violent criminals whose nihilism correlates perfectly with the dead-eyed quest of our lead. Add to this some fantasy sequences which may or may not be the result of a delusional mind, and you have a highly volatile mix which is sure to spark the imagination of any audience member. The fact that Morgenthaler remains impassive and non-judgemental in the face of all that occurs only heightens the tension and the involvement of the audicence.

Quiet but brutal, I AM HERE features incredible performances from Kim Basinger, Peter Stormare and Jordan Prentice, and will be a hot topic of discussion for anyone who sees it. (Evrim Ersoy)

Guests in Attendance

Anders Morgenthaler (Writer/Director), Julie Lind-Holm (Producer), Olivia Neergard-Holm (Editor)