2014 Film

Brief Summary

Three emotionally damaged brothers must deal with the aftermath of their father returning home from prison after serving time for sexual assault.

Full Description

A former assistant to Kim Ki-duk, acclaimed director Lee Sang-woo launches a full on assault on the dark underbelly of Korean culture with his eighth feature, I AM TRASH. Completing a ‘thematic trilogy’ with his MOTHER IS A WHORE and FATHER IS A DOG, this is raw and gritty stuff not for the faint at heart; a deliberate and powerful feel-bad movie.

Three grown sons have struggled to achieve some sort of normal routine after their father was sent off to prison for sexual assault on an underaged girl. Their lives are thrown into radical disarray when dad finishes his time and returns to the family home. That the victim’s father is awaiting the return outside their door with a knife is certainly not any help to their situation... but it’s not like things are going so well otherwise, with the three sons a virtual compendium of sexual dysfunctions in their own right.

Turning the Korean male ideal on its head, director Lee has no great fondness for testosterone and machismo, which he demonstrates with his unpleasantly believable portrait of masculinity gone badly wrong. Though Lee has a style very much his own, he shares with his former mentor a willingness to gaze deep and hard into the dark side of the soul and to spare no one when spreading what he finds across the screen. This is grim and powerful stuff. (Todd Brown)

Guests in Attendance

Lee Sang-Woo (Writer/Director/Actor), Pierce Conran (Producer)