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2014 Film

Brief Summary

Women hold the power while men cower in this scathing dystopian satire starring Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Full Description

The setting is the People’s Democratic Republic of Bubunne. In this fictional military dictatorship, women are in power. They give the orders and they fight the wars. On the other hand, the Bubunne men don’t really do anything besides housework. They are forced to wear veils and are led around like dogs. The dream of all young Bubunne men is to marry the Colonelee (Charlotte Gainsbourg), who is the daughter of the country’s military leader (Anémone). Like every other young man, Jacky (Vincent Lacoste) spends his days dreaming of being the Colonelee's husband. Unexpected events interfere with Jacky’s plans of domestic bliss and threaten to topple the Bubunne matriarchy.

JACKY IN THE KINGDOM OF WOMEN is a scathing dystopian satire with a perverse and very sharp sense of humor. Instead of simply riffing on gender roles, writer-director Riad Sattouf (LES BEAUX GOSSES) takes aim at various forms of religious intolerance and political hypocrisy. Some of the analogies are subtle. Others are rather blunt. The direction and art design are spectacular. The cast, which includes Gainsbourg, Valérie Bonneton, and Michel Hazanavicius, is uniformly excellent. JACKY IN THE KINGDOM OF WOMEN is a thought-provoking, intelligent, and endlessly entertaining film. (Rodney Perkins)