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2014 Film

Brief Summary

On small town constable Rachel Haggie's first night on the job, she encounters a strange man whose presence and knowledge threatens to destroy everyone.

Full Description

Constable Rachel Haggie has had some trouble in her past, and fate has brought her to a small town police force. Walking to work on her first night on the job, she sees an older man get hit by a car. When she runs up to check him, the man is nowhere to be seen. She arrests the driver, a local punk, and brings him in to the station where she meets her new boss, Sergeant Jim MacReady, a by-the-book hardass who knows the kid quite well. They radio out to the other officers to look out for the old man. Before long, they've found him and brought him in, but he says little and his presence raises more questions than it answers. Running his prints turns up the name Alexander Monroe… which is odd considering Monroe died in a fire in 1983. But that's not the only odd strange about this man. When they decide to hold him overnight in the small cell block, the bizarre occurrences escalate quickly and violently.

The film has a solid cast featuring THE WOMAN's Pollyanna McIntosh as Heggie and Liam Cunningham from GAME OF THRONES as the mysterious stranger. Cunningham is particularly cold and menacing in his role, blending perfectly with the atmosphere created by the score and cinematography. LET US PREY is a surprisingly brutal film with a pitch black soul and just a hint of gallows humor thrown in for good measure. (Luke Mullen)

Guests in Attendance

Brian O'Malley (Director), Brendan McCarthy (Producer), John McDonnell (Producer), Pollyanna McIntosh (Actress)