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2013 Film

Brief Summary

A transgressive taboo-shattering psychodrama from Korean auteur Kim Ki-Duk.

Full Description

A woman responds to her husband’s infidelity by trying—and failing— to emasculate him. She quickly switches gears and slices up her teenage son. After the woman runs away, the father and son are left alone to deal with the aftermath of the violent attack. The patriarch voluntarily undergoes surgery to cure his lecherous urges and to relieve his guilt over his son’s misfortune. Although significant tensions arise, father and son eventually find that the horrible incident has deepened the connection between them. This new parent-child bond is anything but normal.

Kim Ki-Duk's (THE ISLE; PIETA) reputation as a provocateur stretches back to the beginning of his career in the late ‘90s. Thus, it is a testament to the director’s commitment to extreme subject matter that MOEBIUS, which is undoubtedly his most severe work, would come at this stage in his career. MOEBIUS is an emotionally punishing exploration of a dysfunctional family dynamic. The problems that afflict the central characters manifests themselves in a parade of horrors, which are presented with unflinching clarity. MOEBIUS embraces a stark minimal style that is perfectly suited to the subject matter. Most significantly, the film has no dialogue. Not a single word is uttered throughout the entire running time. Motives and emotions are entirely expressed through facial expressions, movement, and action—extreme action. (Rodney Perkins)