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2013 Film

Brief Summary

When a rookie cop corners a suspected murderer, he must make a choice with far-reaching effects in this violent Indian thriller.

Full Description

Rookie Mumbai cop Adi spends his first day on the job watching his boss, Khan, execute some suspects and being ordered to stage an escape attempt to cover up the infraction. Such is life on Adi’s beat, where the streets are ruled by a violent criminal known only as “Slum Lord,” who employs a hitman by the name of Shiva. Pushed by Khan to do whatever it takes to stop the killings ordered by Slum Lord, Adi comes face to face with a man he believes to be Shiva one night during a monsoon downpour. With his gun drawn and the suspected cold-blood killer mere seconds from slipping away, Adi must make a choice that will have drastic ramifications for many people.

MONSOON SHOOTOUT combines gritty exploitation tropes with clever “what if?” fantasy to create a swift-moving and entertaining look at the rippling effects of choice. Each of Adi’s potential decisions made in the moment he points his gun at the suspected murderer have varying consequences, and first-time feature director Amit Kumar is happy to explore them in shocking detail. Corrupt cops, ruthless hitmen, tragic prostitutes, long-lost love interests, gun-wielding children bent on revenge and more make MONSOON SHOOTOUT a genre cocktail tailor-made for Fantastic Fest. (Brian Kelley)