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2013 Film

Brief Summary

Gothic legends are brought to life by gorgeous stop-motion animation in this adult fantasy film from Spain.

Full Description

After escaping from prison, Ramón heads for a mysterious village where a fellow inmate claims to have hidden a stash of stolen jewels years earlier. Nestled deep within the twisted and foreboding woods of Galicia, Spain and positioned along a well-worn pilgrimage route, the village is a secluded and traditions-obsessed relic of ancient times. Its inhabitants take a peculiar interest in travelers passing through and the local church cleric Don Cesareo is quick to integrate Ramón into his flock, annoyingly preventing him from paying a visit to the house where his treasure awaits. When night falls and Ramón witnesses the entire village disappearing into the confines of the church, his curiosity is piqued. But Ramón will quickly discover that he has stumbled upon a place where archaic legends are reality and he may never be able to leave.

O’APOSTOLO is a gothic mystery and a dark adult fairy tale wonderfully realized through stop-motion animation. The world created is meticulously detailed and characters are brought to life by a cast of talented voice actors. Director Fernando Cortizo builds a palpably chilling atmosphere and injects the story with real myths and a dry, dark wit. Also featuring a memorable performance by the late and legendary Paul Naschy and an alluring theme song by Philip Glass, O’APOSTOLO is an animated film for adult genre fans with childlike imaginations. (Brian Kelley)