2018 Film


Brief Summary

A filmmaker sets out to shoot a zombie film in an abandoned factory, but something is lurking on the outside. Is it a zombie apocalypse or just another shoot gone wrong?

Full Description

Seriously? Another zombie film? We know... we had the same reaction. Some of us may have even stopped watching thirty minutes into the film. Luckily, we gave it another chance. Why am I telling you this? Because we know you’re as weary of the zombie clichés as we are. Trust us: once this film passes the thirty minute mark, you’ll fall in love like we did.

This film is so much fun! Shinichiro Ueda constructs a terrific horror comedy with lots of heart around a surprisingly sweet story of a family sticking together when the going gets tough.

Dad is a director hoping for a project that will put him on the map, Mom’s an actress whose career was cut short by a debilitating illness, and the daughter is only paying attention to her father’s work because he might cast her favorite actor as one of the leads. But they’ll come together when Dad is offered a one cut zombie film that will be broadcast live on TV. It’s a situation ripe for chaos, mayhem, and good laughs as the family joins forces to avoid a public disaster.

ONE CUT OF THE DEAD is sharp in its satirization of low-budget filmmaking and the craziness that comes with it. Smart and original, there is no doubt it will become a festival favorite amongst audiences. (ANNICK MAHNERT)