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2016 Film

Brief Summary

In the heart of Mumbai, behind the screen of one of the last Hindi Film cinemas, lives Sheik Rahman, the city’s last painter of film posters. This is his story.

Full Description

In the heart of Mumbai remains one of the last Hindi Film cinemas. Showing titles exclusively in 35mm, this old-fashioned movie house is a crumbling, dying breed; all signs point to its inevitable demise.

But alongside the cinema is also another brilliant relic of the golden days of movie-going in India: that of the painter of film posters.

Sheikh Rahman is one of the last remaining members of his tribe. Gruff, short and never without a cigarette in his hand, he belongs to a generation nearly-forgotten. However, it’s his art that remains monumental and iconic; his images of the heroes, villains, heroines, comedians and more that forever illustrate the history of the powerhouse Bollywood has become over the decades.

Original Copy is the story of Rahman and his melancholy world. It’s also the story of his partner, his new trainee , the theater owner, the manager and a whole other array of characters that seem to stepped out of a different time, a different place. It’s the celebration of film, the story of a city which is in constant flux, a snapshot of a time and place nearly forgotten. But most importantly, it’s a testament to Rahman’s ability: his beautiful posters, his endless passion and his stubborn refusal to give up.

Fantastic Fest is incredibly proud to share this year a story which will resonate with every film lover in the audience; a subtle, understated love letter to cinema and all its heroes, both on and behind the screen. (Evrim Ersoy)