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2014 Film

Brief Summary

A  woman must survive the night after she welcomes a neighbor's child into her home.

Full Description

Marta (Oona Chaplin) and Luis (Andres Gertrudix) move into a new apartment after the death of their child. Luis is called away on business, thus leaving Marta to spend the night in the apartment alone. Marta’s evening is interrupted when a neighbor knocks on her door. The neighbor’s husband has been in an accident. She wants to leave her young son Daniel (Sergi Méndez). Marta accepts the boy into her home, and quickly finds out that something is very wrong with the child.

PURGATORY finds first-time director Pau Teixidor and writer Sergio G. Sánchez (THE ORPHANAGE) teamed up with the same production team behind films such as THE IMPOSSIBLE, INTRUDERS and OPEN WINDOWS. The result is a subtle and disturbing supernatural thriller that’s familiar yet fresh. A combination of naturalistic performances and Teixidor’s elegantly restrained direction create a sense of intimacy and gravitas that is often absent from such films. Oona Chaplin, who perhaps best known for a recurring role on GAME OF THRONES, delivers a powerful performance as a woman who is terrorized by supernatural forces. Sergi Méndez is perfect as a creepy, evil kid who will just not go away.

PURGATORY is a potent work that falls squarely within the great tradition of fantastical Spanish cinema as reflected in works such as THE ORPHANAGE and THE OTHERS. (Rodney Perkins)

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Pau Teixidor (Director)