2013 Film

Brief Summary

A former movie star gets a battle he didn’t bargain for when he moves into a haunted public housing tenement inhabited by various degrees of the undead.

Full Description

Director Juno Mak LIVE in attendance!

Following the loss of his wife and young son, actor Siu-Ho Chin moves into a mysterious public housing tower. Despite the comfortable, self-contained nature of the facility (there’s a noodle shop, seamstress and monk on site), there’s something that doesn’t quite put Chin at ease. The residents all seem to be harboring some dark secrets from their past, like a pot that could boil over at any moment. When a lovelorn widow attempts an ancient ritual to resurrect her dead husband, all hell literally breaks loose. It’s not long before old vendettas are drudged up and ghosts, vampires and other various demonic spirits come into play.

Directed with surgical precision by pop star Juno Mak, RIGOR MORTIS pays homage to the classic ‘80s Hong Kong horror-comedy series MR. VAMPIRE. The film reunites some of the original cast members but offers a totally unique story. Meticulous art direction serves to build a creepy atmosphere, making the audience expect something new to be lurking around every corner. Though the film is at times comedic, it takes a rather serious approach to horror elements, exposing the darker side of Chinese mythology. Intriguingly enigmatic, surprisingly emotional and at turns beautiful and scary, Mak’s feature debut is a perfectly creepy little ghost story. (Michael Lerman)