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2015 Film


Brief Summary

Filipino iconoclast Khavn De La Cruz teams with famed cinematographer Christopher Doyle and Japanese mega star Tadanobu Asano to create a self-described “punk noir opera.”

Full Description

The story is one of the oldest in the book: An iron-fisted crime lord entrusts his woman to the care of a loyal, charismatic henchman, and is doubly betrayed when lover and employee fall for one another and attempt an escape to a new life. What’s not old at all is the approach taken to tell that story in Khavn De La Cruz’s RUINED HEART.

De La Cruz is a restless and multi talented artist; at once an award winning poet, a composer and one of the world’s most prolific and acclaimed digital filmmakers with more than forty titles to his credit. His pairing with iconic cinematographer Christopher Doyle and quirky Japanese superstar Tadanobu Asano results in one seriously strange beast, a sort of impressionist beat poem that flows from sequence to sequence with minimal regard for how things are “supposed” to be done.

Throw aside all but the most primitive expectations of narrative here. RUINED HEART is concerned much more with feel and emotion than it is with plot or character arcs. At times, De La Cruz seems to draw more from classical Greek theater than anything else, with some sequences coming complete with a poetry-spouting chorus – Khavn himself – providing narration while others hold to a more edgy, handheld verite style.

That things come together at all is a testament to the enormous talents at work here. That they create something so continually compelling is a remarkable achievement. There has never been another filmmaker quite like De La Cruz and this is arguably the highest point of his career. (Todd Brown)

Guests in Attendance

Producer Nathan Fischer LIVE in attendance!