2017 Film


Brief Summary

Based on a true story, SALYUT-7 is the little-known mission to dock with an unmanned space station in order to stop it from crashing into Earth, a feat never before attempted in space history.

Full Description

SALYUT-7 is based on the true story of the epic Soyuz T-13 mission, when Russia sent an expedition to the dead orbital station in order to repair it, marking the first occasion where a spacecraft docked with a moving space station. Almost a Russian response to Apollo-13, the mission has, over the years, taken on a legendary status.

SALYUT-7 takes what is already a heroic and amazing historical chapter and makes it one of the grandest missions possible by embellishing the ground crew and the cosmonauts travelling. Cypher character quirks are used to great effect in connecting the audience with these moody, determined and talented men and their impossible mission. The advantage of the story being new to most audiences also allows the tension to remain very high throughout.

But the real star of the film are the special effects. Space and its infinite, vast beauty are reflected to make us gasp and wonder while the docking sequence is one of the most mesmerizing set pieces in film over the last few years. Add to it a rousing and beautiful score and you've pretty much got the perfect epic package.

Continuing Russia's claim to creating glossy, gorgeous opuses, SALYUT-7 is brilliant cinema of the most entertaining kind, a spectacle designed to be seen on the big screen that not only impresses visually but also with its very Russian heart and soul. Let yourself be immersed in the awe and wonder of SALYUT-7 and we're certain that you will not regret the journey. (Evrim Ersoy)