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2013 Film

Plays with Whispers

Brief Summary

An erstwhile plumber undergoes a hideous transformation when trapped inside a septic tank and tormented by the bizarre residents of his town’s sewage treatment plant.

Full Description

Director Jesse Cook and Producer Matt Wiele LIVE in attendance!

Jack has a good—if somewhat smelly—life. He has a beautiful wife and a lovely home in a charming town, and if maintaining that life means occasionally being coated in goo, he’s fine with that. Jack’s a plumber. A good one. And so when his town is stricken by a contaminated water crisis, it’s to Jack that the town turns to find and solve the problem while the residents are evacuated away to cleaner pastures.

But things don’t go as planned. Sure, Jack finds the source of the problem deep in a long forgotten sewage treatment holding tank, but he’s not alone in the plant and the unfriendly denizens trap him within the fetid tank with no food or clean water. And so begins a lengthy and repulsive transformation; Jack’s foul surroundings slowly changing him into something entirely other as he struggles for freedom with only his own wits to rely upon. He may have been Jack when he entered the tank, but he’ll become Septic Man before he leaves, assuming he leaves at all.

Consider Jesse Thomas Cook’s SEPTIC MAN to be the bastard love child of BURIED and THE TOXIC AVENGER and you won’t go too far wrong, the film playing as equal parts claustrophobic thriller and down and dirty cult hero origin story, complete with a pair of utterly bizarre villains. Scripted by PONTYPOOL author Tony Burgess, SEPTIC MAN is another in the recent run of Canadian indies that will leave you wondering what the hell is in the water up there. (Todd Brown)