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2014 Film

Brief Summary

A young Spanish girl living with her agoraphobic sister in their family's apartment discovers the real reasons behind her sister's strange behavior.

Full Description

Montse has had a rough life. Her mother died while giving birth to her sister and her father disappeared during the war. She's raised her younger sister on her own, a task complicated by her extreme agoraphobia. Montse never leaves the apartment, but works as a seamstress for clients that come to her. Combined with her sister's work at a local store, they just manage to squeak out a living. But the girl is curious and she has questions about their past that Montse can't or won't answer.

All Montse will say about their mother is that she died giving birth to the girl. That answer has never been satisfying, and the girl envies Montse because she has pictures with their mother. And then there's their father who just disappeared one day during the war. Maybe he left to fight, or maybe the death of his wife was too much for him, or maybe there's something else... something more sinister behind his disappearance.

Montse's agoraphobia is tested when their upstairs neighbor falls down the stairs and lands just outside their front door. Montse decides to help him, bringing him into the apartment and propping him up in bed. But it quickly becomes apparent that Montse has an agenda of her own, and while it may endanger everyone involved, the girl may just get the answers to the questions she's had for so long.

Produced by Fantastic Fest alum Alex de la Iglesia, SHREW’S NEST explores the different types of fears that plague us all. With an enigmatic score and a fantastic lead performance, the filmmakers have crafted a fascinating descent into madness. (Luke Mullen)