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2015 Film

Brief Summary

On a dark and stormy night, eight strangers are stuck in a small bus station waiting for a bus to Mexico City. When strange things start happening, they find themselves trapped in a struggle for sanity and survival.

Full Description

In October of 1968, something unbelievable happened to a group of people stuck in a small bus station five hours outside Mexico City. The first person we meet is Martin. Martin may be stuck in a rut, but at least it's a calm, familiar rut. He's waiting out his last days until retirement from his job as the clerk at the bus station. Ulises has bigger problems. His wife is giving birth in a hospital in Mexico City and he's stuck at Martin's station. The buses are delayed because of the weather and the old pay phone can't seem to hold a connection. Ulises dejectedly takes a seat and finally notices the elderly woman nodding off in the back corner of the station. But then the very pregnant Irene blows in like a storm. She manages to use the phone to call a taxi. But when she goes to the bathroom, she discovers another person in the station, an odd young lady named Rosa working as a bathroom attendant. Our last three people arrive soon after in a taxi. There's the young medical student, a concerned mother and her sick son. With all the players present and accounted for, the game is set.

Director Isaac Ezban returns to Fantastic Fest with his second feature, following last year's THE INCIDENT. Ezban has deftly avoided the sophomore slump with this well crafted tale of mystery. Driven by an over-the-top score and keen practical effects, the film feels like a pulp novel come to life. Combining equal parts telenovela and lost Twilight Zone episodes, THE SIMILARS is an intriguing, tongue-in-cheek puzzle. (Luke Mullen)

Guests in Attendance

Director Isaac Ezban and Producers Miriam Mercado and Victor Shuchleib LIVE in attendance!