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2014 Film

Brief Summary

After the death of his mother and a bar altercation that could mean jail time, Evan leaves California for Italy, where he falls for a mysterious young woman.

Full Description

After his mother dies, Evan tries to drown his pain in beer at the bar where he works, drinking with his friends Tommy (THE BATTERY's Jeremy Gardner) and Mike. On his way to the bathroom, Evan bumps into a wanna-be thug, but the inconsequential moment quickly escalates when the guy picks up a bottle. Evan beats the shit out of him. The bar owner fires Evan, leaving him with few options (and the possibility of legal action from the asshole he beat up). Evan makes a spur of the moment decision to fly to Italy to get away from his problems.

Once in Italy, Evan makes fast friends with Tom and Sam, two boisterous Brits seemingly on a mission to drink all the beer in Italy. The three rent a car and head down the coast to a small tourist town on the water. While drinking with the boys, he sees a beautiful woman, but his attempts to get a date with her fail. When the Brits leave for Amsterdam, Evan stays behind and finds a room in exchange for work with an old farmer. He runs into the stunning woman again and manages to get himself a date, and then another, but it soon becomes clear that she has dark secrets that may destroy them both.

Co-directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead burst onto the indie horror scene in 2012 with their fantastic debut feature RESOLUTION. This is their second effort and they have quite adeptly avoided the sophomore slump. SPRING is an elusive film, never quite what you think it might be; enigmatic in the same way as the woman who captures Evan's attention. From the beautiful and stylish cinematography to the strong lead performances, SPRING is a consistently engaging exploration of life, love and the monsters therein. (Luke Mullen)


Guests in Attendance

Justin Benson (Writer/Director/Producer), Aaron Moorhead (Director, Producer), David Lawson (Producer), Ryan Leonard (Production Manager)