2016 Film

Plays with THE ETERNAL

Brief Summary

Adele is a friendless young woman living with her wealthy but agoraphobic aunt. She meets Beth and the two become fast friends, but Adele may be drawn to a darkness within her new companion, a darkness that threatens to overtake everything.

Full Description

What if a house is haunted by something both more and less than ghosts, by the temptation of a life much grander and darker than the life that we know?

Adele (Erin Wilhelmi) is a young woman whose only friends are stray animals and the strangers she carefully watches with her wide, appraising eyes. Adele is charged by her mother to move into an oppressively silent mansion and take care of her wealthy but agoraphobic Aunt Dora (theatre vet Susan Kellermann), with the vague expectation of an inheritance looming over this unhappy task. After weeks of silent chores in this newly inhospitable life, Adele meets Beth (Quinn Shephard) – glamorous, confident, free-spirited – and the two become fast friends, a thrilling new reality that fills Adele’s heart and her previously empty days. But Adele may be drawn to a darkness within Beth, a darkness that threatens to overtake everything and forever rift Adele from the peaceful, if lonely, innocence she once knew.

In SWEET, SWEET LONELY GIRL, writer and director A.D. Calvo (THE MIDNIGHT GAME) nods to Mario Bava and Dan Curtis, offering a Reagan-era horror film that is part haunted house story, part Satanic seduction.  The friendship between Adele and Beth is as enticing to us, the audience, as it is to Adele, although we all know that it can go nowhere good and bring nothing but ruin to the naive young protagonist. The film is stylish and spooky, an elegant examination of the small temptations that can lead us irrevocably astray, and it features two captivating performances in Wilhelmi and Shephard. (Meredith Borders)