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2016 Film

Brief Summary

Ana Lily Amirpour follows up her alt-cult sensation A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE with her highly anticipated dystopian cannibal desert trip.

Full Description

It’s not hyperbole to say Ana Lily Amirpour smashed her way into the world of genre film with her debut, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT. Complete with a skateboarding Iranian vampire, GIRL delivered a fresh, provocative voice to the scene and with it a wave of critical acclaim and hardcore fan adoration, instantly becoming a cult sensation. As with all break out success stories, discourse quickly pivoted to “what’s next?” a question Amirpour sonically obliterates with THE BAD BATCH.

Set in the scorching vistas of a hostile desert, THE BAD BATCH focuses its lens on Arlen (Suki Waterhouse) as she is unceremoniously dumped in a dystopian wasteland fenced off from civilized society. While trying to orient her unforgiving environment she is captured by a savage band of cannibals and quickly realizes she'll have to fight her way through her new reality. As Arlen adjusts to life in 'the bad batch' she discovers that being good or bad mostly depends on who you're standing next to. 

Complete with stellar cast, electrifying visuals and a score to die for, Amirpour has created another cinematic chapter that is as uncategorizable as her first, a move that excitedly begs us to once again ask the question, “what’s next?” (Christian Parkes)