Alert! CHAINED FOR LIFE will be in theater 6 and NOT 9. FUGUE will be in theaters 9 and 7.

2012 Film

Brief Summary

Two Comedians, Doug Benson and Graham Elwood. decide to make a movie detailing their lives on the road.

Full Description

Director Ryan Polito, star Doug Benson, producer Sharon Everitt, and cinematographer Will Deloney will be LIVE in attendance!

Comedian Doug Benson, the subject of SUPER HIGH ME, is back to answer one question: What is the subject of that cult hit pot-umentary up to now? He’s got three popular podcasts, 400,000 plus Twitter followers, a series on Comedy Central, and a new comedy doc: THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER ROLLED. It’s a fast paced look at life on the road for a comic with a rabid following, as he travels with his buddy - clean-livin’, wound-up karate enthusiast, Graham Elwood - on a tour to raise money to make a movie about going on tour to raise money to make a movie. Yeah, so very Spurlock of him. Doug finds fun everywhere he goes, and he’d like to share it with you.

Pun intended, it is high time that Doug Benson made it to Fantastic Fest.  Apart from his well-known herbal first love, Doug is almost as passionate about the movies.  Not only will Doug be world-premiering his new feature film, he’ll be joining the Master Pancake team as a guest performer, recording a 4:20 edition of his podcast Doug Loves Movies, serving as the head of the jury for the Gutbusters comedy award and providing a steady anchor of film knowledge for the US team at the Fantastic Debates.  Fantastic Fest 2012 might go down in the history books as “the year of Benson.”  By the end of the festival I want one of two things to happen... for Doug to either deny his early film credit as the orange dancer from Captain EO or go all in and show us the dance.