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2017 Film

Brief Summary

Samir works for a bank, provides for his ever-demanding family and dreams of being in an Egyptian talent show. When he's unexpectedly fired, Samir finds himself recruited to be part of a secret society and finds a darker side to life in Egypt.

Full Description

Samir is your average bank employee: middle-aged, overweight and content in his nightly dreams about appearing on Egypt's top talent show. When Samir gets fired by the bank, he finds himself at a loss. Unable to tell anyone in his own family, he continues living out the pretense, fully aware that the chamber is closing in. One late night, the ringing doorbell signals for him the biggest chance of his life yet: Samir is about to join The Originals and nothing will ever be the same again.

Dropping like the bastard child of Mario Bava and Nicolas Winding Refn, this masterful exploration of modern Egypt is rife with philosophy, mystery and unexpected comedy. Using long takes, unusual locations and incredible choices in music, Hamed creates an Egypt rarely seen in the West.

Drawing from exquisite performances by Maged El Kadweny as the hapless Samir and Khaled El Sawy as his mysterious recruiter, the mysterious world engulfs the viewer much as it does Samir. From modern supermarkets to bank offices, we slowly morph into mysterious bazaars, historical reenactments, strange boat rides and wild legends.

Although you might have seen films from Egypt before, there's nothing out there comparable to THE ORIGINALS. Don't miss this first opportunity outside of its home country to catch this magnificent film on the big screen. (Evrim Ersoy)