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2014 Film

Brief Summary

Tetsuya Nakashima injects his signature style into a brutal and shocking thriller about one repulsive father’s quest to find his missing daughter… who just might be worse than he is.

Full Description

Akikazu Fujishima has made some mistakes, including beating his wife’s lover to within an inch of the man’s life, and quitting his job as a detective to become an alcoholic, estranged from his family. Fujishima receives a call from his wife, telling him that their daughter Kanako has gone missing. He sees an opportunity to quickly restore himself as the man of the house and sets off on a mission to find her. Being no saint and prone to violent outbursts, Fujishima quickly learns that his daughter is far from the picture of perfection he thought she was, and finds himself in a vile and extremely violent mess. From the high school cafeteria to underground raves to dark sewers, there’s nowhere Fujishima won’t go—and nothing he won’t do—to find his daughter.

Tetsuya Nakashima (CONFESSIONS; MEMORIES OF MATSUKO) has taken audiences to some severely dark places, and his latest film tells his most sordid story yet. Based on the novel Hateshinaki Kawaki by Akio Fukamachi, THE WORLD OF KANAKO combines a ‘70s sense of exploitation and action with very modern violent thriller tropes and a touch of unexpected humor. The result is a shocking yet frequently beautiful film that tells the kind of screwed up father/daughter story you’d expect at Fantastic Fest, and ventures into some horrific places that you never, ever would. (Brian Kelley)