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2017 Film

Brief Summary

Vidar is a farmer leading a life that only be described as boring. A chance encounter with a strange character who may be a vampire Jesus will change Vidar’s life (and death) for once and all.

Full Description

Writer/director/actor/everything Tomas Berg delivers a crazy slice of cinema with his taken on the vampire myth. Smart, offensive and entertaining, VIDAR THE VAMPIRE explodes onto the screen with more inexplicable moments than a single film can handle.

Vidar is a farmer. He tends to his duties, is a good Christian and suffers endless insults from his mother. His life is in a rut; he craves excitement. However, a chance encounter with a vampire who claims to be Jesus will mean an entirely new existence for Vidar. At first, he embraces the madcap freshness of the experience but it’s not long before he begins to question whether his humdrum existence was a much better life.

Utilizing every tool he can muster, Berg creates a weird world of wonderful that astonishes and amuses in equal measure. Packing in enough visual invention to fuel an entire series, VIDAR is deeply funny in its ability to offend.

Marking Berg & Waldeland as multi-talent duo to watch, VIDAR THE VAMPIRE is a blistering force of lo-fi brilliance that fits perfectly into the pioneering discovery spirit of Fantastic Fest. Once seen, never forgotten, do not miss a chance to meet Vidar in person. You will not regret the moment. (Evrim Ersoy)