2014 Film

Brief Summary

The undead rise again in this raucous feature debut from Australia’s Roache-Turner Brothers, who deliver one of the most balls-out, gonzo and just plain fun entries into the zombie canon in years.

Full Description

“This morning I shot my wife and child with a nail gun,” mutters the emotionally spent Barry in his first moment on camera. “I don’t know how to make a story of that.” Well, Barry may not know how to make that into a story, but Australian brother duo Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner—writer-director and writer-producer of Australian effort WYRMWOOD, respectively—sure as fuck do. And what this brother act deliver is one of the most balls-out and fabulously entertaining entries into the zombie canon in years.

When falling stars bring a mysterious plague onto the land, transforming all but a select few into ravenous, bloodthirsty monsters, gruff-but-kind family man Barry is left with no family but his sister Brooke stranded hours away, with hundreds of the ravenous beasts between them. But with nothing left to live for except his sister, Barry’s not going to let anything stand in his way; not the undead and certainly not the military forces who may be even more dangerous than the creatures they’re supposedly protecting people from.

By adding intriguing new elements to the zombie mythos, along with a heaping dose of MAD MAX-inspired vehicular modification and an enormous serving of pure, raw talent, the Roache-Turner Brothers deliver one cracking piece of entertainment loaded with scares, gore and off-kilter comedy for one of the most auspicious debuts since… well, since a certain other Australian brother act appeared on the scene with UNDEAD. Yes, they really are that good. (Todd Brown)

Guests in Attendance

Kiah Roache-Turner (Co-writer/Executive Producer/Producer), Tristan Roache-Turner (Co-writer/Executive Producer/Producer), Jay Gallagher (Actor), Bianca Bradey (Actor), Leon Burchill (Actor)