Fantastic Fest Survey Feedback, 2018 Dates, Submissions and more!

Fantastic Fest Survey Feedback, 2018 Dates, Submissions and more!

January 16, 2018 | admin

Important dates and updates out of the 2017 festival.

Hello Fantastic Fest’ers!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Year and as we kick-off 2018 we wanted to touch base with some important dates and updates out of the 2017 festival.

Fantastic Fest will be held from September 20-27, 2018. Film Submissions for the 2018 edition are now open and you can view the submission guidelines and submit your film via Film Freeway or Withoutabox by clicking HERE!

2018 Badge Information coming SOON!

We wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to send in their thoughts after the 2017 edition. We have reviewed all of the feedback submitted from the festival and held the first Fantastic Fest Board Meeting. Here are a few of the first steps we are taking to build a better Fantastic Fest. If you missed the board and staff page announce you can see the team information HERE.

  • Code of Conduct – The Alamo Drafthouse, Fantastic Fest and all sister companies have implemented a Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy. With the guidance of SAFE Austin, we are rolling out new sexual harassment and code of conduct training. All festival staff and volunteers will be required to go through the new training programs before Fantastic Fest 2018. You can view the Code of Conduct and process for filing a complaint HERE. We welcome all feedback on the Code of Conduct and please send those comments to [email protected]
  • During Fantastic Fest there will also be:
    • A version of the Code of Conduct printed on the back of all pre-printed badges. This will contain information on how to make a formal complaint and who to contact on-site. Be sure to register your badge!
    • Banners with the Code of Conduct stationed visibly in the lobby.
    • A terms and conditions addition to all badge purchases and registrations that will require all badgeholders to acknowledge and agree to uphold the Code of Conduct throughout the festival. Any violations will result in badge revocation without a refund and violators will be removed from the festival.
  • A Quiet-Zone - The Highball indoor patio will now officially be a “Quiet Zone.” If you need to get some work done or just a break away from the crowd for a minute you can pop in here, space permitting.
  • We are taking on a new expansion initiative for our programming team. Our goal is to not only increase transparency and diversity of the staff but to empower a new generation of programmers within the genre world by giving young, underrepresented talent a chance to learn hands-on. Keep an eye out for more info in the next month.
  • The board and programming team are discussing options for fresh events to be added to the festival that encourage more diverse ways to engage with the films and guests in attendance.
  • There will no longer be smoking permitted in the Lamar courtyard during Fantastic Fest. The location of the smoking section is undetermined at this time but, no matter what, it’s not in the courtyard. We will do our best to keep everyone comfortable in this transition.
  • Refresh of WebApp – this is an ongoing project that we aim to make significant strides on every year. Your feedback here has been extremely helpful in setting our 2018 priorities. Some of the most noted items on the agenda are:
    • Auto-login: Honestly, we thought we already fixed this but apparently we did not. Sorry about that. It will be fixed.
    • Have film information visible in the film selection window so you don’t have to toggle back and forth or open a whole new window.
    • Fix the “back” button issue. So annoying.
    • General design overhaul.
  • Coupling badges – we have heard your requests both in favor of and in opposition to coupling badges and we are discussing the options internally.
  • We have met with the Drafthouse Culinary team and we will be exploring some lighter/smaller food options for the week of the festival. Things like trail mix, fruit plates, veggie plates, etc. No promises on exact items yet, but we hear you and we all agree.
  • We would like to apologize for the lack of communication on big schedule changes this year and will be sure to communicate more thoroughly in the future.
  • Secret screenings will now be scheduled as close to the beginnings of their respective screening rounds as possible so that if you choose to leave you will have other screening options available (capacity permitting).
  • Feminine products are now available for free in the women’s restroom at Lamar.

Thank you again to everyone for sending in your feedback and suggestions and we look forward to sharing more updates with you in the upcoming weeks and months.

The Fantastic Fest Team