Report From Fantastic Fest Day 6!

Report From Fantastic Fest Day 6!

September 27, 2017 | Meredith Borders

STAR WARS drink competition, Puke And Explode, JUNK HEAD and more! 

photos by Jack Plunkett

Greetings from Day 7! Many of us have been here for a full-blown week now, but don't let that Fantastic Fatigue set in just yet, friends. We have lots of fun ahead of us in our final two days. 

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A reminder! Every day we'll be posting Facebook Live videos of various Q&As and events. Today we'll have footage from one of our fave events: Nerd Rap! So make sure you're following us on Facebook to stay caught up with all of that fun - and if you or your friends want to attend Fantastic Fest screenings without a badge, you can check this link every day to see what movies are available for non-badgeholders to purchase tickets!

Day 6 featured great Q&As for GENERATION B and JUNK HEAD

And The Highball hosted two of our newest fave traditions: the Star Wars Drink Competition (this year cleverly titled The Glassed Jedi) and Puke and Explode! The FF Gross-Out Competition.

And check out this great Day 6 video recap from our pals at Stardust:

See you guys at Nerd Rap tonight - don't miss it!