The Winners Of Our Free Tattoo Lottery!

The Winners Of Our Free Tattoo Lottery!

September 27, 2017 | Meredith Borders

Hope you were serious about that tat.

We started sign-ups for our free tattoo lottery for the closing night party this week, and we're happy to announce the winners! (Winners have also been emailed with more details, so check your inbox!)

Blake Rome
Andree Quinlan
Jacob Triska
Blair Hoyle
Kathryn Levy
Lance Schibi
Janet Chang
Adrian Torres
Kirstyn Cobb
Dwayne Allen
Adrian Burwinkel
James Mcdonald
Elizabeth Marley
Tiffany Torres
Justin Schlueter
Bruce Labbate
Hunter Wayne
Amber Adams
Davis  Odell
Aaron Levi
Stephen Ante
Emma Klages
Debbie Cerda
Matt Pahnke
Brett Leipziger
Lloyd  Briggs
Trey Hilburn
Colin O’Connor
Sandra Neveling
Chelsea Campbell
Samantha McConnell
Steven Nelson
Richard Reininger
Kyle Bogart
Britt Hayes
David Balota
Weston Reibeling
Windy Bowlsby
Dean Marcial
Elizabeth Grant
Amanda Barnes
Jessie Maltin
Damian Zepeda
Katie Rife
Jessy Heisig
Dominic Pearce
Kevin lam
bobb x ha
Maxwell Nalevansky
Eric Stroshane 

Winners will also be texted when their turn is coming up at the party, so you don't have to spend all night waiting in line. Congrats - and big thanks to our friends at Royal Tiger Tattoo, who are providing the fantastic art this year.

A little about the party - more specific details (location, transportation, etc) are incoming.