3FT BALL & SOULS (2017)

International Premiere | 93 min | JAPAN
Directed by: Yoshio Kato

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Members of an internet suicide room called Life Club decide to end their lives using explosives. But an unexpected side effect finds them stuck in a time loop, constantly thrown backwards.

There’s a internet suicide room in Japan called Life Club where strangers get together to discuss their plans on how to end it all. Four members of this group ally with a mission: they are going to use explosive to snuff out their lives. However, at the moment of the explosion, something unexpected happens; the four find themselves thrown back to just before the moment they detonated the device. So they try again. And again. And again. Something is wrong and the group must figure it out so they can be allowed to perish. In a big explosion.

Director Yoshio Kato’s entry into the pantheon of time travel movies operates on multiple levels. Sweetly comic, outrageously confusing and beautifully human, a story of how the moment of death brings four strangers to come to understand life is explored through amazing character work and wonderful cinematography.

Winning the audience award at Skip City International Festival, this wonderful film demonstrates Yoshio Kato assertively developing his voice and becoming one of the most interesting filmmakers to emerge from not only Japan, but from within the entire genre world. (Evrim Ersoy)