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A New Fantastic Fest Community Is Born in Stardust
September 20, 2017 | admin

A New Fantastic Fest Community Is Born in Stardust

Make your voice heard!

Fantastic Fest 2017 is excited to partner with Stardust, currently the #1 app in the world for both movies and TV. Stardust is where true entertainment fans come to share video reactions to movies, TV and trailers. It's the first social network dedicated to hardcore film fanatics like all of us at Fantastic Fest.

This year, you'll find Stardust x Fantastic Fest reactions sites in the hallway outside theaters where you and your friends can share your thoughts on everything you've seen.

In addition to seeing other attendee's reactions, you'll be able to follow the official Fantastic Fest account that will feature our favorite fan reactions each day, along with cameos from attending actors, directors and producers. These will be shared on our social and send out to the masses, and you could be featured!

We're giving away lots of merch and goodies (including free beer!) to those of you who post your reactions and show the Stardust team your profile at their various sites.

Just look out for friendly faces with this on their white t-shirts:

So what are you waiting for? Download STARDUST now! 


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