Reporting Live From Haddonfield: Birth.Movies.Death. Brings You HALLOWEEN
August 15, 2018 | admin

Reporting Live From Haddonfield: Birth.Movies.Death. Brings You HALLOWEEN

Michael Myers is back.

Birth.Movies.Death. is celebrating the release of David Gordon Green’s HALLOWEEN with a stunning new collectible magazine filled with editorials, interviews and deep dives into the history of one of the greatest horror films ever made!

Featuring a gorgeous Mondo cover by artist Phantom City Creative, interior art by renowned designer Denton Watts, a stunning spread featuring some of Mondo’s greatest HALLOWEEN posters, and a series of exclusive interviews with HALLOWEEN (2018)’s creative team (including Green, Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny McBride, and John Carpenter), this edition of the BMD magazine is a must-have for HALLOWEEN megafans.

Articles include:

  • Exclusive interviews with HALLOWEEN directors John Carpenter and David Gordon Green
  • An exclusive interview with HALLOWEEN’s reigning scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis
  • An investigation into the HALLOWEEN Atari game
  • Character essays on Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis
  • A deep-dive into the many (MANY) rip-offs that followed in the wake of HALLOWEEN’s success
  • A look at the cinematography of the legendary Dean Cundy
  • A giant spread showcasing some of Mondo’s greatest HALLOWEEN posters
  • And much, much more!

Fantastic Fest attendees can pre-order their copies via the form below, but please note that these pre-orders are only available for pickup at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar during Fantastic Fest. When picking up your purchased copy(ies) at the festival, please be sure to have your receipt handy in order to expedite pickup. Pre-sales will close at 11:59pm on Sunday, September 16th. 

Want the magazine but not attending Fantastic Fest? Order your copies and have them shipped directly to you via this link.



Please contact us with any questions: [email protected]


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