Fantastic Food & Beer Pairings!
September 25, 2018 | admin

Fantastic Food & Beer Pairings!

Bell's Brewing + South Korean Specials

By now you’re already aware of the fest-tastic food specials that are available in the theaters as you’re melting your eyeballs with camgirl blood, Beat Beat montages and Nic Cage insanity. But what about your whistle? You’ve GOT to whet that whistle too! We’re proud to be working with Bell’s Brewing, straight outta Kalamazoo Michigan this year and I wanted to take a moment to prime you on how some of the food dishes best pair with some of their fine juices.

This dish is a true labor of love from the Alamo culinary team to the genre-loving public. Marinated for over 24 hours in garlic, ginger, and sweet onion with a hearty puree of gochujang chile paste and soy sauce, the base flavor here is out of this world. Fry it and throw in a sauce with mustard and gochujang for a hot and spicy sauce to zest it into outer space! Bell’s Two Hearted is a remarkably balanced IPA; both the malt backbone and citrusy hops pair impeccably with the golden fried chicken. The malt character in the pint glass perfectly compliments the crispy breading, while the hops enhance the spice of the chili and mustard. Two Hearted is an all-timer IPA and shines here. Give it a whirl. 

There are a variety of exciting flavors going on with this dish and I can’t recommend it enough with a cold pint of Lager of the Lakes. Here, Bell’s comes correct with a refreshing and crisp all-malt lager. The dish is built around steamed short grain white rice then topped with raw cucumber, raw bean sprouts, chile roasted shiitakes, soy roasted portobello, carrot chow chow, gochujang paste, kimchi, toasted sesame seeds, and green onions. Then the whole thing gets a soft poached egg on top. BOOM! Eating instructions are to smash it all together right at your seat and then go to town! The firm malt character of the lager complements the rice, while the herbal hop character both cuts through the richness of the poached egg and plays well with the raw vegetables. Don’t stop, get it, get it. 

These lil ’pancake jammers are delicious “tortilla like" holders for mushrooms and sprouts. The pancakes are savory and studded with carrot, pepper, and onion. They get topped with mushrooms roasted with gochujang, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Then the mushrooms get topped with bean sprouts and green onions and served with a side of kimchi. Bell’s Oberon is a full-bodied yet dry American wheat beer that presents like a glass of fresh OJ. The wheat malt compliments the flavorful pancake and provides sweetness to balance the heat of the chili, while the spiciness of the hops enhance the earthy character of the mushrooms and soy. If you haven’t had an Oberon before, it’s a real seasonal treat.

Special thanks to Chef Brad Soreson and the Alamo kitchen team for all of the work that went into bringing us all such tasty vittles. Also, major praise to the fine folks at Bell’s Beer for keeping us hydrated through late-night karaoke, Leonard Maltin schoolings and epic explosions!


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