Filmmaking Frenzy: REVENGE! Shortlist Announced
September 19, 2018 | Evrim Ersoy

Filmmaking Frenzy: REVENGE! Shortlist Announced

Delighted to be able to announce the shortlisted bumpers to be featured at Fantastic Fest this week!

Here's the list of the top 20. Congrats to everyone!

  • A Grave Insult by Maury Jacks
  • beans! by Richard Reininger
  • Best Served Cold by Corey Marquart, Alan Ferguson, Omar Correa
  • Chief Hopper Clowns Around by Mark Ball
  • Corn Dog Drama by Cuddles and Rage
  • Dark Biddings by Jensen Yancey
  • Error 59.C0 by Blake Jarvis
  • Fantastic Feast by Malcolm Badewitz
  • Fantastic Pants by Laura Perna & Geoffrey Glass
  • Johnny Wick by Jack McDermott
  • Just Desert by Brian Golding
  • La Sua Vendetta by Sam Pfab
  • Rat's Revenge by Kevin Nukem, Stephen Bohls
  • Revenge is Sweet(tooth) by Darren Joy & David Papas
  • Revenge: A Children's Story by Douglas Wicker
  • She took everything, but... by Maha Al-Saati
  • Shredded by Chris Shields, Brian Golding
  • Sibling Rivalry by Scott Schalchlin
  • Time Travel by Kate Chambers
  • Vengeance is Mine by Adam Bernstein

Watch all of them at the Filmmaking Frenzy: REVENGE! website


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