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Merch, Menu and Midnight Maniacs
August 15, 2018 | admin

Merch, Menu and Midnight Maniacs

A new badge type, good grub, and retail revelry at FF2018

Hello Fantastic People!

With this year’s festival just a short 36 days away (!), we’re letting you in on a few new, unexpected and/or outrageous things about FF 2018...


Calling all insomniacs and Draculas!: Do you want to experience the festival… AFTER DARK? Well, now you can! Our brand new $99 Midnight Badge guarantees admission to the movie of your choice for the final screening round of the fest (Thursday 9/20 - Wednesday 9/26). Screenings for the final round typically begin between 11p and 12a. The Midnight Badge also includes access to all of the non-ticketed Fantastic Fest events, which include all HighBall bashes, Debates, and opening and closing night parties! (note: the midnight badge does not include access to ticketed, non-movie in-theater events in the midnight round). Purchase a Midnight badge HERE!

Full access badges are also available HERE!


Our fearless kitchen wizards have orchestrated an incredible (and Fantastically Frugal) special menu for the 2018 festival, which features festival favorites from years past at lowered rates in addition to some smaller, single-serve items. There are also some special ingestibles specifically on theme with this year’s Korean big-screen ballyhoo, including Padak style chicken, Bibimbap and Mushroom Jeon, as well as that ol’ favorite, kimchi!


After spending eight days in a whirlwind wave of film, food, parties, podcasts, games, daredevilry and electrifying adventure, you can COMMEMORATE THE CHAOS! The impossible insanity of FF 2018 will be captured in the form of all-new t-shirts, pins and stickers! Buy one! Buy three! Buy them all, and then put them inside the FF bag that you got for free! Do whatever you want! It’s your life! NO RULES!!!

Stay tuned for the coming-soon 2nd wave announce and more fantastic news in the upcoming weeks!


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