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Report From Fantastic Fest Day Eight - And The 2016 Fantastic Fest Awards!
September 30, 2016 | Meredith Borders

Report From Fantastic Fest Day Eight - And The 2016 Fantastic Fest Awards!

Find out our winners and see pics from the COLOSSAL closing night party.

photos by Jack Plunkett, David Hill, Rick Kern and Waytao Shing

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Fantastic Fest 2016 has come to an end, and we're all pretty bummed about it. But we closed down our best year yet with the Fantastic Fest awards, the world premiere of a brilliant film and one hell of a closing night party. 

So let's hop to, but first, the recipients of the 2016 Fantastic Fest Awards: 

Austin, TX - Friday, September 30, 2016 - Fantastic Fest is pleased to announce this year's Fantastic Fest Award winners. It has been an outstanding year for features & shorts, making the job of honoring a select crop all the more difficult, but our esteemed team of jurors have done the nearly impossible and chosen the best films of the festival.

The audience awards are presented by accounting firm Maxwell Locke & Ritter who provided the certified tabulation of ballots this year and are the exclusive accounting sponsor of Fantastic Fest.

The winners of both the Audience Award and the Next Wave Award will be awarded:
2017 Fantastic Fest Superfan Badge
Round-trip coach airfare to FF 2017
4 nights hotel accommodations
a spot on the jury of their choice.
The Next Wave Award will receive the prize package above in addition to $500 cash.

AUDIENCE AWARD - Presented by Maxwell Locke & Ritter
1st Place: BAD BLACK directed by Nabwana IGG
2nd Place: NIRVANNA THE BAND THE SHOW directed by Matt Johnson
3rd Place: RAW directed by Julia Ducournau

Best Picture:  ZOOLOGY directed by Ivan I. Tverdovsky
Best Director: Julia Ducournau for RAW
Special Mention for Fantastic Spirit: THE LURE

Best Picture: COLOSSAL directed by Nacho Vigalondo
Best Director: Amat Escalante for THE UNTAMED

Best Picture: THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE directed by André Øvredal
Best Director: Colm McCarthy for THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS

Best Picture:  DOWN UNDER directed by Abraham Forsythe
Best Director: Abraham Forsythe for DOWN UNDER
Special Mention for Best Comedy Debut: THE YOUNG OFFENDERS

Best Picture: AGE OF SHADOWS directed by KIM Jee-woon
Best Director: Nabwana IGG for BAD BLACK
Special Mention for Best Action: CALL OF HEROES

Best Picture: ORIGINAL COPY directed by Florian Heinzen-Ziob & Georg Heinzen,
Best Director: Florian Heinzen-Ziob & Georg Heinzen for ORIGINAL COPY

Best Picture: CURVE directed by Tim Egan
Best Director : Tim Egan for CURVE
Special Mention: OVERTIME
Special Mention: Najarra Townsend, lead actress in THE STYLIST

FANTASTIC SHORTS - Presented by Chiller
Best Picture: SUMMER CAMP ISLAND directed by Julia Pott
Best Director : Chris Mitchell & Yoav Lester for IRON SPYDER

Best Picture: PACO directed by Catalina Jordan Alvarez
Best Director: Calvin Reeder for THE PROCEDURE
Special Mention for Best Meal: WORM

Most Fantastic: Everything by David O'Reilly
Audience Choice: Loot Rascals by Hollow Ponds

JACK SKELLINGTON IN THE BOX directed by Roman Fruehan

Congrats to all of our highly deserving winners! 

We also spent yesterday watching terrific screenings and Q&As for DOG EAT DOG, A MONSTER CALLS and HBO's WESTWORLD - complete with free Shiner beer and cowboy beans.

And the closing night film also ended up winning Best Picture of the festival, the tremendous COLOSSAL by Fantastic Fest's own heart and soul, Nacho Vigalondo! He was presented with a cake featuring his head on top of Godzilla's body, with confetti cake for the brain (a nod to Nacho's shorts compilation, CONFETTI OF THE MIND). Afterward, he did the Q&A in his best Fay Wray attire. 

And finally, we had our COLOSSAL closing night party at Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex, where we roller skated, bowled, played arcade games, watched giant robots dance and The Wolfman play the bass. It was a blast! 

And check out this great video recap of Day 5 from our friends at Nerdist!

And that's a wrap on Fantastic Fest 2016! I miss it already. Thanks to all of YOU for being the most crucial part of what makes this festival so dang fantastic.


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