Report From Fantastic Fest Day Four!
September 24, 2012 | Meredith Borders

Report From Fantastic Fest Day Four!

LOOPER, Nerd Rap, the barbecue outing, a haunted house and more!

We're over the hump, Fantastic Festers! Only a few short days of mania remain, and I'm already starting to get nostalgic for the fun. But we can't dwell on the future when the present is still at hand. Revel in the dwindling days of Fantastic Fest 2012! Read about Days One and Two here and Day Three here

Before we get into yesterday's fun, a few leftover tidbits from Day 3: 

We hosted the annual Fantastic Fest Filmmakers Shotgun Adventure, which is pretty much what it sounds like. Filmmakers and movie nerds shooting shit up because we like to embrace stereotypes here in Texas! (photos by Jack Plunkett)

Check out the 25th anniversary reunion concert of Dragon Sound, the martial arts band from MIAMI CONNECTION! (video by Arts + Labor)

You can see Tim League receive his honorary black belt at the Fantastic Debates before battling Grandmaster YK Kim. (video by Arts + Labor)

Here's the video from the ABCs OF DEATH introduction on Saturday. (video by Arts + Labor)

And finally, see some of the unbridled libido that is Air Sex. (video by Arts + Labor)

Then yesterday we took the filmmakers on a barbecue outing to Smitty's, because many of these poor, starved souls have never even had real barbecue. Oh, the humanity! (photos by Jack Plunkett)

We were lucky enough to have director Rian Johnson and star Noah Segan, among other castmembers, attend the red carpet and Q&A for the absolutely spectacular LOOPER. (photos by Jack Plunkett)

We screened the charming haunted house documentary AMERICAN SCREAM and threw a haunted house party in its honor! (photos by David Hill)

We held the annual Fantastic Arcade awards, hosted by Arcade Creative Director Wiley Wiggins. (photos by Arnold Wells)

And finally we closed the night down with the annual Nerd Rap Throw Down followed by Hip Hop Karaoke hosted by Henri Mazza at the Highball! Contestants flowed lyrics about THE PRINCESS BRIDEBABE: PIG IN THE CITYSTAR WARS and more. Things got hot, they got weird, they got super fun. Rian Johnson and Aaron Hillis destroyed with Weird Al's "Yoda." 

Check back in for more reports from the remaining few days of the festival, and we'll see you around!


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