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Trailer for Netflix’s 1922 Continues 2017 As Being The Year Of Stephen King
September 23, 2017 | admin

Trailer for Netflix’s 1922 Continues 2017 As Being The Year Of Stephen King

A prideful farmer murders his wife, and brings pestilence upon his home.

We’re in the midst of a Stephen King renaissance that (with the massive success of Andy Muschietti’s IT) is probably going to keep chugging along until Creepy Uncle Steve keels over. Yeah, yeah, we know, THE DARK TOWER was miserable, but with new adaptations of GERALD'S GAME and MISTER MERCEDES getting positive looks, it seems like all shapes and sizes of King’s works are coming home in one form or another.

Never one to be left out in the cold during a media boom, Netflix is delivering another King shocker on top of GERALD'S GAME with their adaptation of 1922, which just released its first trailer.

Take a look:

Based on the novella of the same name (from the author’s 2010 collection FULL DARK, NO STARS), 1922 revolves around a prideful farmer (Thomas Jane) who kills his wife (Molly Parker) following a marital dispute. Being a King yarn, much ghastly intrigue unfolds, as the slain spouse’s spirit haunts this man of the land, bringing an infestation of rats along with her.

We’re gonna get a look at 1922 during Fantastic Fest, and are incredibly exited to bring you an early review. Netflix will release the movie on October 20, right in time for Halloween.

(Note: this post, written by Jacob Knight, originally appeared on Birth.Movies.Death.)



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