We Need Volunteers For Fantastic Fest 2018!
June 12, 2018 | admin

We Need Volunteers For Fantastic Fest 2018!

Time to slay some Slayers.

The future is clear to us; are *you* ready to make a deal with the Beast? We're looking for noble sacrifices to join our valiant cadre of volunteers! Don't hide away like the Widow of the the Web! Hold tight the sands of time in the face of the Crystal Spider! (...ok, that one was a stretch...)

ANYWAY, the truth is we absolutely could not carry out Fantastic Fest every year without our sacred volunteer team who's passion and dedication are truly the life blood of Fantastic Fest. Join us as we ride on our Fire Mares to victory!

If you count yourself among the brave, steady your hand and (as long as you're 21 or older), please fill out this registration form. 

The 2018 Volunteer Orientations have already occurred. Fear not...there is still an opportunity to volunteer for Fantastic Fest 2018!

After you have completed the above registration form, email [email protected] indicating your interest in volunteering. there's more info on the volunteer page HERE.

Thank you for considering Fantastic Fest! You'll be Glaive-d you did it!


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