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New Film Programming Announcements From Norwegian Film Industry

Austin, TX---Thursday, September 16, 2010--- Fantastic Fest spotlights an amazing lineup of Norwegian genre films for this year’s festival, including Fatso, Norwegian Ninja & A Somewhat Gentle Man

Though Norway has a long established and well-respected film history the nation had long avoided genre film, preferring to make their name at home with broadly commercial comedies and dramas and abroad with high-end arthouse film. That changed for good with the arrival of director RoarUthaug’s Cold Prey. The first modern slasher movie produced anywhere in the Nordic countries, Cold Prey was initially considered a risky proposition but went on to become a total game-changer for the local industry. A massive smash hit - not only in Norway but throughout the entire region – Cold Prey proved to the young generation of producers and directors that they could be successful making the sorts of films they loved, the sorts of films they had previously thought were the sole purview of Hollywood.

And since then it’s been game on, with a string of young talents producing a diverse wave of high quality genre hits. Thrillers, horror, action flicks, and science fiction ... you name it and somebody is making it, and making it well. And though Cold Prey’s impact has been felt well outside of Norway’s borders – triggering a surge of genre production in neighboring Sweden, Denmark and Finland as well – Norway remains the clear leader in Nordic genre film, with recent hits like Nazi-zombie comedy Dead Snow winning over audiences around the globe. Fantastic Fest is proud to embrace the sullying of Norway’s cinematic history as we present to you the very finest examples of current Norwegian genre film in our Norwegian Spotlight at Fantastic Fest 2010. 

US Premiere
Director: Arild Fröhlich

Graphic novelist Rino Hanssen's quiet life (watching porn, drawing and occasionally violating honeydew melons) gets upended when his father surprises him with a nubile, free-spirited and devastatingly beautiful flatmate.

Norwegian Ninja(2010)
World Premiere
Director: Thomas Cappelen Malling,

Norwegian Ninja is the true story of how Commander Arne Treholt and his Ninja Force saved Norway during the Cold War. In 1983 the Ninja Force discovers that the Shadow Government, who take charge in times of war and emergency, are planning a coup-d'état in peacetime. Treholt and the ninjas see only one solution: a full can of whoop-ass!

A Somewhat Gentle Man(2010)
US Premiere
Director: Hans Petter Moland

Ulrik is a somewhat gentle man. He has no special wishes and makes no demands. He does not give too much thought to what he does either. If he’s given some food and a place to sleep, he will give people what they want in return. Whether this be a little affection or a killing. Ulrik has killed some people and crippled a few. It’s all part of the job when you’re a gangster. 

And last but not least Fantastic Fest attendees area also invited to the Norwegian Viking Boat Party!

Norwegian Viking Boat Party

On Wednesday, September 29, festival attendees are invited to join the Norwegians on a Viking cruise on Ladybird Lake, where we will enjoy Norwegian barbecue, cod, salmon and meatballs; drink lots of Norwegian beer and akevitt; and dance the night away to the pop disco sounds of Norway.  We'll probably play a couple different versions of Aha's Take On Me before the night is done.  Every attendee will receive a Viking helmet and Norse warrior attire is highly recommended.  This party will be fit for a king, a Viking!
The 2010 Fantastic Fest Norwegian Spotlight is presented by the Norwegian Film Institute and

Fantastic Fest has scoured the globe for the very best in action, horror, science fiction, fantasy to the truly bizarre in contemporary cinema for your viewing pleasure.  Miss this one and your regrets will agonize you for years to come.  You have been warned.

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