2018 Programs

Brief Summary

Bringing together some of the best genre directors currently working, HBO Asia has put together the ultimate horror show, and Fantastic Fest is delighted to be premiering two of its scariest episodes!

Full Description

From HBO Asia comes the most frightening tv show that you have ever encountered: FOLKLORE! Bringing together some of the most talented directors working within the genre sphere, this new anthology series creates an atmosphere unlike anything that’s come out of the region before, thanks to Eric Khoo (genre veteran and genius director) acting as showrunner.

In FOLKLORE: MONGDAL, Fantastic Fest alum Lee Sang-Woo turns his attention to an unusual young boy and his mother. With clever pacing and a distinct visual style, Sang-Woo gives us an incredibly tense story spent in the company of someone whose anger will be the cause of inevitable tragedy. With complex characters that are Sang-Woo’s trademark of, MONGDAL delivers scares while keeping an eye on the humanity of its story.

FOLKLORE: TOYAL, from director Ho Yuang, shares a local legend to frightening effect. A political crisis propels a community leader to seek help from a shaman who promises him solutions, but what he doesn’t count on is revenge from beyond the grave and some of the darkest magic ever seen. With eye-popping visuals and scares to make your heart stop, TOYAL delivers the goods, and how.

With television attracting some of the strongest talent out there, it’s a true joy to share with our audience the premiere of HBO Asia’s strong offering. FOLKLORE is show designed to appeal to horror fans who not only seek plenty of flesh-chilling scares but also new and groundbreaking stories. Do not miss this opportunity to catch what will be your favorite new horror series. (EVRIM ERSOY)

Films in this program:

    Lee Sang-Woo turns his camera on an unusual child and his mother in a visually striking and scary episode of HBO FOLKLORE.
    Ho Yuang explores a strange and frightening relationship between a politician with a problem and a shaman who promises the solution in an episode of HBO FOLKLORE that’s deeply rooted in Malaysian legends.