2018 Programs

Brief Summary

Fantastic Fest’s Dutch spotlight.

Full Description

2011 saw The Netherlands make a big splash in the world of genre film with the runaway international successes of NEW KIDS TURBO and Santa-slasher SAINT. Forget about the tulips and clogs for a moment, this is the land that produced Paul Verhoeven and Rutger Hauer and the Dutch are returning to that cinematic heritage in a big way. Now what better way to celebrate than with a Fantastic Fest 2012 spotlight? Gangsters, guns, sly comedy, gritty thrillers and the abundant use of foul language mark the films of Fantastic Fest’s Dutch spotlight. Get ready for violence, kut!

Films in this program:

  • Black Out
    A splitting headache, a dead gangster, twenty kilos of missing coke and 24 hours to sort it all out before getting married. Jos is about to have a very bad day.
  • New Kids Nitro
    In 2011, NEW KIDS TURBO rocked Fantastic Fest audiences with its potent brand of Dutch gross-out humor. Now, Fantastic Fest is proud to present the highly anticipated—and very offensive—sequel: NEW KIDS NITRO.
  • Plan C
    Detective Ronald Plasmeyer has a problem in need of a solution: A ten thousand Euro debt to the Chinese mafia. Plan A didn’t work. Plan B made things much, much worse. Now it’s time for Plan C.
  • Taped
    A trip meant to save their marriage turns into a nightmare when Johan and Saar accidentally videotape a police shooting in the streets of Argentina.