Alert! CHAINED FOR LIFE will be in theater 6 and NOT 9. FUGUE will be in theaters 9 and 7.

2018 Programs

Brief Summary

For those who prefer their neck-hairs raised and their gooses bumped, SHORT FUSE represents the year's most equisite and exemplary short-form horror in all its permutations. Audiences will first be enveloped by the pervasive and oppresive eerieness of vouyeurism in both disturbingly familiar and surreally supernatural forms before a parade of terrifying tales that will skillfully fray their nerves and turn their stomachs. As the creeping dread compounds, this pressure-cooker of a program eventually bursts into absurdist delirium that culminates with an uncanny franchise dining experience that's both sublimely funny and deeply upsetting.

Films in this program:

    The private spaces of women are unnervingly encroached upon by a masculine other in this confrontational work that shifts cinema's scopophilic gaze back on to the audience.
    Creeping dread meticulously escalates to an understated, but deeply unsettling coda as a father and daughter pack away the contents of their family home.
    Hypnotic cinematography buoyed by a ghostly soundscape envelops remarkable canine performances in this moody, experimental nightmare.
    A teenage hitchhiker traverses a lonely mountain highway and begins to pick a mysterious radio broadcast rife with ominous reports of the near future.
    An incessant car alarm attracts the curiosity of a cul-de-sac's residents with chilling consequences. A measured slice of suburban horror that implies and terrifies.
    The brilliant animator behind the stop-motion segments of XX spins an eerie fable about a young woman's repressed memories luring her back to her childhood home.
    A greedy young boy discovers that the Tooth Fairy is a stickler for the rules in this frightening permutation of the folk figure.
    Spilt milk is nothing to cry over but when it inadvertently awakens a voracious woodland creature, this funny and freaky short makes the case that it might be something to scream over.
    When a few measures of music get stuck in a man's head, the consequences are almost as disturbing as the source of the tune.
  • STAY
    Satan sucks, but this pitch-black comedy about catching the eye of the prince of darkness is the best.
    A woman is trapped in a Red Lobster commercial. Sublime absurdity that crescendos to nightmarish heights and with remarkable emotional resonance.