Alert! CHAINED FOR LIFE will be in theater 6 and NOT 9. FUGUE will be in theaters 9 and 7.

2018 Programs

Brief Summary

For those with a predilection for eccentric, off-kilter, and just plain wackadoo artists whose avant-garde tendencies innovatively ricochet within genre film frameworks, this bipedal sidebar serves up a special spectrum of audacious weirdness from beguiling filmmakers who prefer to color outside the lines of convention. Seemingly benign topics like “bread” and “hair” are exhaustively and anarchically deconstructed, the history of major league baseball is re-written with Satanic undercurrents, familiar tropes are upset and upended with inspired ruptures of practiced surrealism, and the humanist hijinx of famed clown Phil Burgers precedes perhaps the grossest and most viscerally uncomfortable short this section has ever seen!

Films in this program:

    There’s no other way to explain the New York Yankees’ unrivaled MLB success: a cold-blooded human sacrifice it is.
  • PAN
    In this deranged and unpredictable comedy, a passionate aficionado of bread stages a revolution against a tyrannical baker.
    A lonely woman with a lonely goldfish finds herself at the mercy of a rampaging intruder.
    Cultural attitudes towards beauty standards are exhaustively unpacked in this delirious satire, about how hair dictates the social mobility of a put-upon caretaker and her intellectually challenged ward.
  • EMOTION 93
    Soaked in a hypnotic lo-fi aesthetic, a familiar body-swapping plot embraces the existential identity anxieties inherent in the premise.
    A man escapes again and again as he’s pursued by pagan cultists in this sprawling episode of sublime and humanist surrealism produced as a pilot for SUPER DELUXE.
    An older woman goes to esoteric and decidedly unsanitary lengths to revitalize herself in this poetically grotesque 16mm portrait.