2018 Projects and Works-in-Progress


An aging Hollywood B-lister and a prominent Mexican producer battle past failures and personal shortcomings to help a promising young actor become Mexico's first action hero.


After decades as a Hollywood B-List action star, Bob Willis, in an effort to live up to his family legacy, invests all his money in his directorial debut...and it bombs. With angry investors on his back and a dismissive agent ready to drop him, Bob has hit rock bottom. When he is contacted by a famous Mexican producer, Joaco, who is risking his career to produce blockbuster action films in Mexico, Bob seizes the opportunity to change his luck. With the future of an industry on their shoulders, Bob and Joaco groom a promising young actor to become the first real Mexican action hero. Along the way they will have to overcome their personal shortcomings as they face the ups and downs of production, and the language and cultural barriers. On their own, their dreams remained unrealized; as a team they might just have a shot.

Status: Development
Shooting Locations: Los Angeles, CA; Mexico City