Projects: 2013

  • Belzebuth


    dir. Emilio Portes
    prod. Rodrigo Herranz Fanjul
  • Belzebuth
    A special agent will have to question his faith when he is revealed that a supernatural force is behind a wave of infanticides.
  • Club Panico

    Club Panico

    dir. Adrián García Bogliano
    prod. Andrea Quiroz Hernández
  • Club Panico
    A teenage boy follows his ex-girlfriend to Mexico and discovers she is the virgin to be sacrificed unwillingly in a satanic ritual. Together they must escape the cult followers and cross back to the United States via an underground border-crossing path.
  • Compulsion
    Set in the heart of Mexico City, a Police Detective becomes infatuated with Helen, an American scientist whose experiment with an archaic mind-altering invention from the 60s – the isolation tank – becomes the scene of a possible crime.
  • Cross of Souls

    Cross of Souls

    dir. Dennison Ramalho
    prod. Pablo Torrecillas, Dennison Ramalho, Rodrigo Castellar
  • Cross of Souls
    Jura just wanted her family back. Not who came back with it.
  • El Arbol Del Olvido (The Tree of Oblivion)
    A decorated Mexican cop is called to investigate a series of bizarre infant murders, only to uncover a web of folklore that points him to the awful truth of who he really is.
  • El Plata

    El Plata

    dir. Tamae Garateguy
    prod. Jimena Monteoliva
  • El Plata
    A senator’s daughter is brutally killed. When her corpse vanishes mysteriously, her brother starts an investigation that unveils the existence of vampires who are trying to take over the government.
  • Greedy Beasts

    Greedy Beasts

    dir. Juan Martínez Moreno
    prod. Belen Atienza, Enrique Lopez Lavigne, Maria Angula
  • Greedy Beasts
    What howls in Vegas . . . 
  • The Incident
    A science fiction film that combines two stories with people trapped in illogical endless spaces: Two brothers and a detective locked on an infinite staircase, and a family locked on an infinite road.
  • Small Town

    Small Town

    dir. Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez
    prod. Pablo González, Ignacio García Cucucovich
  • Small Town
    Years after watching his mother die at the hands of a cult lead by his father (Dr, Hass), Ciro returns to his hometown to make right with his haunting past.
  • The Summer Hit

    The Summer Hit

    dir. Pablo Stoll Ward
    prod. Florencia Larrea, Pablo Stoll Ward, Pablo Torrecillas
  • The Summer Hit
    That summer, Santi met the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, there were zombies everywhere.
  • Tatewari


    dir. Edgar Nito
    prod. Daniel Cabello
  • Tatewari
    Two young American students, and a Canadian girl venture into the Mexican desert to try peyote under the guidance of a Huichol shaman. Not knowing that his mystical journey is about to become a nightmare.
  • US Visitor

    US Visitor

    dir. Nicolas Goldbart
    prod. Sebastian Aloi
  • US Visitor
    A simple misunderstanding causes a hapless foreign traveler to endure hell at the hands of U.S. Customs Officers.
  • Violent Rider
    A hit man rages through cartel slums to rescue his stepson and avenge his assassinated wife’s brutal murder.
  • The Wrong Place

    The Wrong Place

    dir. Alejandro Brugués
    prod. Claudia Calvino, Alejandro Tovar
  • The Wrong Place
  • Yamaha 300

    Yamaha 300

    dir. Jorge Michel Grau
    prod. Mayra Espinosa Castro
  • Yamaha 300
    Not even the sea could drown betrayal.