Projects: 2014

  • Ave De Caza (Game Bird)
    Andres’ lonely routine suffers a turn when Frank appears in his life and makes his basest instincts come out at the shade of the foliage of the Santiago hills.
  • The Darkness of the Road
    On a desolated road, in the middle of the night, a single mother (Siri) and a mysterious hitchhiker desperately search for Siri's missing daughter as the world around them turns into a hellish nightmare woven in blood and sin.
  • Eat Me

    Eat Me

    dir. David Michan
    prod. Deborah Calla
  • Eat Me
    When a successful New York food critic travels to Rio de Janeiro his sadistic desires make him lose himself in the sexual murderous underbelly of that city until he meets a beautiful woman who reveals his true identity.
  • El Plata

    El Plata

    dir. Tamae Garateguy
    prod. Jimena Monteoliva
  • El Plata
    A senator’s daughter is brutally killed. When her corpse vanishes mysteriously, her brother starts an investigation that unveils the existence of vampires who are trying to take over the government.
  • Fierce


    dir. Francisco Lorite
    prod. Freddy Rodriguez, Francisco Lorite, Bill Winett, Patrick Juarez, Patricia Dios
  • Fierce
    A psychological thriller about the author of a long-running series of dark pulp novels, who is forced to defend his family against a man claiming to be the main character in his books.
  • Fist of Jesus
    The New Testament meets Mad Max.
  • Frondoso Edén del Corazón
    FRONDO EDEN DEL CORAZON is a trippy mix of live action, rotoscope animation and CGI that tells the story of Diego, a man whose idyllic life is shattered when he takes home a hideous, hungry creature, that produces the key ingredient of the powerfully hallucinogenic drug he’s addicted to.
  • The Gray Beyond

    The Gray Beyond

    dir. Alejandro Fernandez Almendreas
    prod. Augusto Matte, Kiki Sugino, Kousuke Ono
  • The Gray Beyond
    Even when everything around is ending we would remain forever the same, humans.
  • Havana: Vampire Territory
    Havana, 1994. The Cuban community of vampires has decided to ration the human blood as a measure to counter the economic crisis in the island. Carlos, an inexperienced vampire, must stop the killing started by the fearful Max in his insatiable bloodlust.
  • Hurt


    dir. Pablo Proenza
    prod. Erin Ploss-Campoamor
  • Hurt
    Hurt is a supernatural thriller about an Iraq war veteran who can’t feel pain and the woman who helps him hurt again.
  • Invunche


    dir. Rodrigo Susarte
    prod. Josefina Undurraga, Florencia Larrea
  • Invunche
    At an isolated construction site in the south of Chile, Aniceto Martínez’ past comes back for eerie revenge in the shape of a terrifying mythological being: the Invunche.
  • Lunik 3

    Lunik 3

    dir. Antonio Zavala Kugler
    prod. Victor Zavala Kugler, Anna Roth
  • Lunik 3
    Did a Mexican agent heat up the Cold War?
  • Mexico’s Most Wanted
    Based on the unbelievable true story of criminal Alfredo Rios Galeana, Mexico's Most Wanted is a fast-paced crime thriller about the most notorious outlaw in Mexican history and the federal cop who brought him down for good.
  • Necrofobia 3D
    A mentally fragile man must conquer his fear of death in order to stave off a killer’s advances.
  • Offspring


    dir. Federico Durán
    prod. Diana Narvaez, Federico Durán
  • Offspring
    In a couple of hours in a high society high school, this psychological thriller unfolds, where a teenager’s vengeance turns into a rescue operation, and a squad with their finger on the trigger will have to judge who’s the victim and who the aggressor.
  • Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem
    The New Testament meets Mad Max.
  • Remora


    prod. Fernando Sirrani, Juan Pablo Pires
  • Remora
    A Fantasy Thriller feature film project, with heavy VFX, on the trend of GRAVITY under the sea, with a look and feel of a Studio blockbuster, that narrates how Adam and Eve are not a divine creation but ET’s coming from dying planet.
  • Reversal


    dir. José Manuel Cravioto
    prod. Daniel Posada, Rodolfo Marquez, Alex Garcia
  • Reversal
    A young girl, chained in the basement of a predator, escapes and turns the tables on her captor.