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2018 Projects and Works-in-Progress


Set in the heart of Mexico City, a Police Detective becomes infatuated with Helen, an American scientist whose experiment with an archaic mind-altering invention from the 60s – the isolation tank – becomes the scene of a possible crime.


COMPULSION is a 21st Century Noir/Thriller set in Mexico City. Helen, an American Neuroscientist at the National University (UNAM) is experimenting with an abandoned Isolation Tank, a relic of 20th century science, when tragedy strikes; the dead body of her charming, handsome lover, Ernesto, is found floating in the tank. Detective Ramos, an honest local cop, is assigned to investigate the cause of death. Ramos watches as Ernesto’s body is pulled from the watery solution. Cause of death looks to be suicide. Through twists and turns in the narrative Ramos navigates Helen’s heady world of mood altering science. Layers of information and misinformation are peeled away, revealing evidence prompting Ramos to doubt suicide, and Helen's innocence. The more Ramos believes Helen may be responsible for Ernesto's death, the more she fascinates him. As the showdown between them nears, Ramos soon begins to question whether he too, will soon fall victim and succumb to the inevitable fate that awaits him.

Status: Development
Shooting Locations: Mexico City, Mexico; Texas