Alert! CHAINED FOR LIFE will be in theater 6 and NOT 9. FUGUE will be in theaters 9 and 7.

2018 Projects and Works-in-Progress


Jura just wanted her family back. Not who came back with it.


Upon facing the crumbling of her marriage, Jura—an emotionally crippled housewife—resorts to black magic to reunite her family. She only wanted love. But when husband LAGOA (45) returns home, his rekindled love proves tainted: full of lust, possessiveness and paranoia. It's not long before their teenage son Batista becomes the target of his murderous jealousy. Now Jura needs to bargain with the Eshu Lorde Da Morte, the demonic entity who granted her wish, and cease its deadly influence over her family.

Status: Development
Shooting Locations: São Paulo, Brazil